I conducted research in two labs as a part of the Honours program for my Bachelors at the University of British Columbia. I completed one year with Dr. Mark Schaller in the Social Cognition Lab on the topic of evolutionary psychology. Specifically, I examined how the presence of germs and disease might influence ones relationship and sexual preferences.

My innate interests lie with sexuality research so the second year of my program saw me working with the esteemed Dr. Lori Brotto, director of the UBC Sexual Health Lab and a registered clinician at the BC Center for Sexual Medicine. Together with Dr. Rosemary Basson, and a number of their co-investigators, I assisted in the examination of a mindfulness-based psychoeducational treatment for provoked vestibulodynia (PVD), a sexual pain condition experienced by approximately 15% of women.


Publications, Posters, & Papers

Paulhus, D.L. & Abild, M. L. (2011). Casting the House characters onto the interpersonal circumplex. In L.L. Martin & E. Cascio (Eds.), House and Psychology: Humanity is Overrated.  New York: Wiley.

Abild, M. L., Brotto, L. & Basson, R. (2010, June). IMPROVED: Integrated mindfulness for provoked vestibulodynia. Paper presented at the Connecting Minds North American Undergraduate Research Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Abild, M. L., Murray, D., Jones, D. & Schaller, M. (2009, March). How we choose our company: Disease salience, friendships and intimate relationships. Poster presented at the 11th Annual UBC Psychology Undergraduate Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Intersexuality literature: Ambiguous policies for those of ambiguous sex (Psychology of Human Sexuality Class Paper Submission)

Gender assignment for infants with ambiguous genitalia: Are there alternatives? (Gender Psychology Class Paper Submission)


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