While working with Dr. Brotto, I became interested in asexuality. This is just one of the many topics upon which her research focuses. From my collaboration with her, my research project RASE: Relationships of Asexual Men and Women was born. In this work, I examined the interest of asexual individuals in non-sexual but still romantic or intimate relationships.

In my spare time at UBC, I became a part of a very tight-knit group of Psychology graduate students. We often spent our free time pondering and debating topics like human mating strategies, emotion regulation, or even just the value of proper statistical analysis (nothing like wine and friendship to get the analytical brain working). I have presented a small portion of the fruit of some of these debates at Conferences (see below). Each of these individuals has gone on to do some very interesting work within various fields of Psychology – feel free to check them out if you are interested (Dr. Daniel Jones, Elizabeth Berry, Dr. Jordi Quoidbach, and Karisa Pawluk).

During my time in Vancouver, I also completed a number of research and teaching assistantships throughout the Psychology Department and throughout Vancouver. For Professor Karl Aquino of the Sauder School of Business (Organizational Behaviour), I served as Lab Manager where I, among other things, assisted in literary reviews, the edition of empirical articles, managed data collection and entry, and assisted in teaching classes. I also organized various research projects and managed a small team of research assistants.


Publications, Posters, & Papers

Ellis, L., Abild, M. L., Buker, H., Park, J. R., & Ping, H. (2012). Gendered shopping: A seven country comparison. Mankind Quarterly, 52 (3-4), 336-357.

Abild, M. L. & O’Reilly, J. (2010, April). Gender biases and evaluations: The moderating effect of performance level. Poster presented at the meeting for the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc.

**And here is a copy of the poster presented based on this paper.

Abild, M. L., Moses, M. & Jones, D. (2010, June). Emotional promiscuity and forgiveness. Poster presented at the Connecting Minds North American Undergraduate Research Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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