Having now turned my sights from academia toward people-focused support and coaching, I am in my element passionately sharing knowledge, providing empathetic support and aid, and ensuring efficient and timely completion of assessments and administration necessary for development and accuracy of service.

I started my career in support providing crisis intervention for those experiencing suicidal thoughts. Further, for 2 years, I worked closely with participants of clinical trials attempting to manage and treat sexual health issues. Finally, I have provided 1-2-1 support for the homeless, working to address mental health, physical health, substance and alcohol use, and behavioural issues.

I take a person-centered approach to support characterized by acceptance, empathy and authenticity. To add structure, I often employ cognitive behavioural (CBT) and mindfulness-based techniques, promoting agency and holistic engagement. Each of these components demonstrate evidence-based efficacy in treating low mood, anxiety,  and stress/pain, the most common forms of mental health concerns.

For more information on CBT, view this NHS page.

If you are looking to try mindfulness, I highly recommend this book.